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Bots are accounts that perform automated or semi-automated tasks. A bot flag hides its edits from RecentChanges, among other things. While this group can be tested with or used to hide mass minor edits from recent changes, please remove it from a human account when done testing or doing minor edits, and restore it to a legitimate bot account when done testing.

Legitimate bots are able to make edits very rapidly and can disrupt Test Wiki if they are incorrectly designed or operated. For these reasons please only operate a bot or bots if you know what you are doing and keep an eye on the bots' contributions.

This is one of the six default MediaWiki user groups, see Help:User rights and groups.

Only bureaucrats, stewards and system administrators are able to assign or remove accounts to or from this group.

List of bots

There are currently 10 bots on Test Wiki.

User groups
Default Implicit: (all)UsersAutoconfirmed users
BotsAdministratorsBureaucratsSuppressorsInterface administrators
Granted/revoked by
Administrators Autochecked usersAutopatrolled usersChat moderatorsConfirmed usersPatrollersReviewersTranslation administratorsUsers blocked from chat
Bureaucrats BotsInterwiki administratorsAdministratorsBureaucrats
Stewards Abuse filter administratorsAdministratorsBureaucratsSuppressorsInterface administratorsCheckusersStewards