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Autoconfirmed users can:

  • move files and pages
  • edit semi-protected pages
  • bypass the CAPTCHA
  • ignore IP-based rate limits.

Users who have made 1 edit and have been registered for 1 day are autoconfirmed. This is one of the six default MediaWiki user groups, see User rights and groups.

User groups
Default Implicit: (all)UsersAutoconfirmed users
BotsAdministratorsBureaucratsSuppressorsInterface administrators
Granted/revoked by
Administrators Autochecked usersAutopatrolled usersChat moderatorsConfirmed usersPatrollersReviewersTranslation administratorsUsers blocked from chat
Bureaucrats BotsInterwiki administratorsAdministratorsBureaucrats
Stewards Abuse filter administratorsAdministratorsBureaucratsSuppressorsInterface administratorsCheckusersStewards