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The following page documents an official Test Wiki policy.
This page has been elaborated and approved by the community or a system administrator and compliance with it is mandatory for all users. Changes to it should reflect consensus. In the case of a conflict between the English version and a translation, the English version takes precedence.


When creating an account, a Test Wiki user must choose a name to represent them. That name must:

  • Be representative of an individual (not imply shared use)
  • Not end with a -bot suffix (unless a Steward or Bureaucrat other than the bot operator chooses to approve a bot account for trial or operation)
  • Not contain the name of a user right
  • Not be offensive or profane
  • Not contain promotional, confusing (nonsensical or similar to an already existing user), or misleading content
  • Not contain any non-public, private, or personally identifiable information about another person or contain any other information that would be deemed appropriate for suppression

A steward may grant exceptions to any of these requirements, at their discretion. Any bureaucrat may indefinitely block an account violating this policy.


Some examples of what would not be allowed are:

  1. Name not representative of an individual: "Mary&Dan", "Walmart", etc.
  2. -bot suffix usernames: "Translate Bot", "Archive Bot", etc.
  3. User right names: "Administrator", "Bureaucrat", "Steward", etc.
  4. Offensive names: "FUCK TEST WIKI", "FUCK STEWARDS", etc.
  5. Promotional, confusing, or misleading usernames: "Bob's lawncare", "bobslawns.xyz", "hsiikallxno", "Justarandomämerican", etc.
  6. Name containing identifiable information: "I live on Washington Street", "My real name is Bob Johnson", etc.